Create Business Disaster Plan

Ask yourself the next simple questions to find out if you need a business disaster plan:

  1. Do you have your business records backed up and stored in the cloud?
  2. Are there copies of your client databases somewhere other than at the office?
  3. Do you have copies of invoices and accounts receivables at home?
  4. How would you communicate with your client in case of a disaster?
  5. If you cannot work in the office, where would you work from?
  6. Do you have contact information of each employee?

The following tips can help you settle insurance claims:

  1. Shoot photos of your equipment and create an online inventory.
  2. Back up contact data of your insurance agent.
  3. Have copies of insurance policies in a safe place.
  4. Consider buying a business interruption insurance which will cover the loss of income that your business suffers after a disaster.

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