Always Deal with Decision Makers

From my experience: if you deal with someone other than the decision maker, it never works. You just lose time and sales.

Who are decision makers? They are the persons who say the final “yes” or “no”. They give “green light” to your project and write the check.

How can you reach the decision makers?

  1. Aim for the highest level possible.
  2. Use personal contacts and ask them to introduce you. People do business with people they know and like.
  3. Call the company number and ask to connect directly (it can work out well!). The best time is early in the morning or after 5 PM since many executives work long hours.
  4. Send an old-fashioned handwritten note with a priority mail.

Always keep your message short and to-the-point. You will have only a few seconds. Focus on how your product and service can help beat the competition.

Remember: once you landed the project, the middle managers can sabotage it. “Not invented here”: a strong bias against ideas from outside. The most useful tactic is to have constant support from the decision maker. Keep in touch regularly on how things are going.

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